What Companies Need to Know About Environmental Remediation and Oil Tank Removal in NJ


When your commercial property experiences an oil tank leak or some other form of soil contamination, you will likely need oil tank removal and environmental remediation services from a New Jersey company with a wealth of experience. Aside from experience, there are a number of things that business owners need to keep in mind when looking for a reliable New Jersey-based environmental remediation and oil tank removal service provider. If your commercial property has suffered from a spill, these tips can help you find the best solution.

Environmental Remediation Service with Credible Property Care

Any New Jersey environmental remediation service provider should operate using flawless property care protocol with credible high standards. Make sure the environmental remediation team uses the utmost care when dealing with your property. They should use their own equipment, and this equipment should be up to code. They should also offer a pollution and liability insurance option for their clients in the event the business is not already covered. This coverage should be available at $5,000,000, which is a good figure that trails slightly above industry standard.

Credible property care also means the environmental remediation company holds all the right certifications and licensing. Some of these include NJ Business Registration, NJ Div. of Property Management and Construction, NJ DOT, NJ Solid Waste Transporter, NJ DEP (UST), and NJ Weights and Measures.

Environmental Remediation Services

Make sure you work with an environmental remediation services provider in New Jersey that offers multiple specialty services. Often unexpected developments can surface in soil remediation that requires a specialty level of care. If the cleanup crew isn’t certified or skilled to perform a certain task, further contamination and expenses can rise while you wait for another company to step in and continue. Your environmental remediation company should offer:

  • Contaminated Soil Excavation
  • Transportation & Disposal of Contaminated Soil
  • Groundwater Treatment & Disposal
  • Well Installation
  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Drum and Oil Tank Disposal
  • Liquid Recovery & Disposal
  • In-house LSRP Services
  • Certified Clean Fill
  • Chemical Injections
  • Soil and Groundwater Sampling
  • Full RAO Reports
  • Final Reports to DEP


The Right Commercial Oil Tank Removal Service Provider in New Jersey

When looking for an oil tank removal company, first determine if in fact you have a buried oil tank leaking into your property, or if you suspect you might. Not all oil tank inspection service providers are licensed to actually remove the oil tank once they locate it. Rather than call an oil tank detection service provider, look for a full environmental remediation company that specialises in oil tank removal. Not only will they be able to offer a $5 million dollar pollution and liability insurance but the oil tank removal company will offer a full range of specialty services that can save you time and money. These oil tank removal services include:

  • Underground Tank Removal
  • Aboveground Tank Removal
  • Tank Locating Services
  • Tank Removal from Under Existing Structures
  • Product Removal and Disposal
  • Vacuum Truck Service
  • Certified Clean Backfill
  • Soil Investigations
  • Disposal / Transportation / Management of Hazardous Soil
  • LSRP Services (in-house)
  • Sub-Service Evaluator (in-house)


Once You Know, Find a Partner to Protect Your Business

Finally, look for an oil tank removal and environmental remediation company that you can form a partnership with. You never know when you may need to use their expertise down the road. The best environmental remediation and oil tank removal providers also offer compliance testing, demolition services, and consult across multiple fields, especially in the world of petroleum.