Sustainable and ecological business ideas


Do you want to change the world but at the same time have a business that leaves you money? We give you these ideas with ecological impact that represent the new wave of social entrepreneurship.

These ideas can also help you at least to make aware and look for ways to make more sustainable or ecological the way you work or the instruments you use as dentist in Tijuana.

1. Green walls
This business consists of placing natural plants in interior and exterior walls of homes, offices or offices of architecture and decoration, among others. Before starting the installation, you must prepare the wall with a coating to avoid humidity, generation of insects or the proliferation of bacteria.

You will also have to install a system of hoses programmed for the auto irrigation of the wall, and to maintain the vertical garden during the first three months to check that the plants grow correctly. Create alliances with local greenhouses to obtain
a wholesale cost in the raw material.

2. Ecological disposables
At least once a week a disposable utensil is used, for an average of 15 minutes, according to the Ecoshell company. The unicel or plastic are the most common materials that are made and, once thrown away, take between 500 and 1,500 years to completely degrade.

To reduce environmental damage, commercialize disposables made from organic elements. These, unlike the others, biodegrade completely in a time of 90 to 240 days, since they are consumed by bacteria and microorganisms of the earth. Your main customers: restaurants with home delivery, local businesses and catering companies.

3. Advertising bicycles
In addition to a means of transport, bicycles can serve as an advertising medium, mounting advertisements on their wheels or on adapted structures in the rear. Hire drivers for several units and monitor them with an app and a GPS system that counts the kilometers traveled. Set your rates from the number of bicycles contracted and the kilometers traveled per day or month. Your potential clients: advertising agencies, local businesses or companies that seek to position your brand. To reach them, use marketing tools such as social networks and AdWords campaigns on the Internet.

4. Organic enamels
Beauty is not fought? With conscience. The target market for these products are people interested in environmental care and health, who are willing to spend a little more for contributing to these ends. For example, nail polishes with natural pigments that are not tested on animals, do not contain toxic substances or wheat derivatives, oats or vitamin E, so they can be used by celiacs and pregnant women. Your main marketing channels can be bazaars, boutiques and organic stores, as well as via ecommerce.