Military Power Supplies: Who Uses Them and What are They?


Military power supplies are the unsung heroes of all branches of the US military. When the Navy deploys massive aircraft carriers to protect our borders, and when covert ground forces sneak through enemy lines on reconnaissance missions, military power supplies are allowing communication and specific functions to carry on at superior levels. The best military power supplies companies that make ac to dc converter technology and other key products focus on engineering demanding conversion applications.

Our national defence operates in rugged conditions. In order for missions and operations to be performed at the highest levels, industrial and military power supplies companies like Abbott Technologies must supply branches with dependable products to meet power supply conversion needs. This means the military power supplies manufacturer must have a thorough understanding of the light rail, transit, bus, military, aerospace, subsea, telecommunications, industrial automation, renewable energy, and the oil and gas industries in order to design and build military power supply solutions for all requirements.

Who Uses Military Power Supplies?

The Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard use military power supplies in mission-critical activities, and in day-to-day exercises. All branches of the United States armed forces require military power supplies of rugged construction that ensure reliable operation under harsh conditions with a long-life guarantee. Some of these harsh conditions could be oceanic operations at depth where atmospheric pressure and moisture play together, to environments with jarring blasts, excessive heat and sand storms to even freezing arctic landscapes. Our men and women of the armed forces perform a number of roles in a plethora of challenging environments which is why military power supplies must be designed to withstand anything, at any time, while functioning flawlessly.

What is a Military AC to DC Converter?

The AC to DC converter is one of the most common products in the world of military power supplies. At a basic level, the AC to DC converter has the main purpose of transforming alternating current (AC) input into direct current (DC) output. These are designed in various types offering a wide range of volt output, and many have an on/off switch for easy use. In the world of military power supplies, the AC to DC converter must meet MIL-STD-704 standards. Our military uses the AC to DC converter to enable technology that involves constant updates on troop locations to preventing data loss. They also help power battlefield generators and allow anti-aircraft missiles to fire.

How does the AC to DC Converter Work in Harsh Conditions?

In situational circumstances where harsh conditions might present humidity and moisture, the AC DC power converter and supply unit is outfitted with short circuit protection. Every unit is protected against short circuits of any duration. When a short circuit threatens operations the output voltage is automatically restored once the short circuit has been removed. This military power supply technology is being increasingly used in military drones, which are used by all branches of our armed forces to complete bombing missions as well as conducting reconnaissance.

Another main reason how the AC to DC converter is able to work in harsh conditions is that it is light weight. Military power supplies manufacturers typically design the AC to DC converter to weight two pounds or less. This makes them easy to integrate into high-tech equipment that is becoming increasingly smaller in design thus enabling troops to use these systems in a wider range of operations.