How to Find the Best Immigration Lawyer to Help with Your EB5 Visa


If you are an employee looking for an immigration lawyer to help with EB5 visa problems, then you are likely under a lot of stress and staying focused is probably a challenging task. After all, your ability to work and make money to support your family, let alone stay with them, may likely rest on how an immigration lawyer helps you with the EB5 visa and other potential outside circumstances that play into the bigger picture. Finding the best immigration lawyer for EB5 visas and other immigration legal matters is not an easy task, especially when your emotions are on red alert.

What is the EB5 Visa All About?

The EB-5 visa (employment-based fifth preference category) is the known as the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program created in 1990 that allows for eligible immigrant investors to provide lawful permanent residents or “green cards” by investing in at least $1,000,000 to finance businesses in the US that will employ a minimum of 10 American workers. Rural areas and low-employment areas are the most common targeted regions. The program is intended to stimulate economic growth and encourage foreign investments. Immigrants can run into a plethora of problems. For example, the track record of the project’s principals and its claims may conflict with the business plan and PPM, making an immigrant worker lose his status or fail to renue. Complicated problems like this (there can be many) are why true immigration law experts need to be partnered with, and not some second-rate immigration attorney who simply files paperwork and does a little hand-holding.

Find an Immigration Lawyer with Detailed EB5 Visa Experience

All immigration lawyers have filed paperwork for EB5 visa cases. However, not all immigration attorneys have delved deep to find areas of leverage to ensure an immigrant;s legal rights are respected by finding those vital loopholes missed by inexperienced green horn attorneys. As the immigration lawyers you are interviewing to show a client portfolio in which thorough research and perseverance paid off for clients. You should also look for an immigration lawyer who has won cases that mirror your own.

Find Out Who is on the Immigration Lawyer’s Legal Team

The people who support an immigration lawyer in performing research, filing paperwork, and interviewing parties are of extreme importance. When interviewing your short list of immigration lawyers make sure their supporting team isn’t the attorney’s niece and her boyfriend taking paralegal courses from University of Phoenix or some other certification mill that would award a degree to a chipmunk if someone paid the tuition bill. Look for law firms that have seasoned veterans in their immigration law practice area; these law groups work with top legal interns from the most prestigious universities who know the law, have advanced research skills, and excel at communication. Be sure to find out how closely they work together, how often they have meetings to go over their client’s progress, and see if indeed the lawyer does the most vital part of the work (like formulate argument and strategy) as opposed to taking a siesta by passing the baton to his research team. Look for a strong immigration lawyer who does the crucial steps himself, and has skilled educated legal help perform supporting tasks.