How Homeowners can Find the Best Oil Tank Services in New Jersey


If you own a home in New Jersey and use oil tanks for your heating needs, there are a number of services that run hand-in-hand. Typically, homes that are “off the grid”, located in the countryside, or are older homes built around the turn of the century rely on oil tanks, and therefore require a number of services associated with their ownership.

Finding the best oil tank services in New Jersey can mean everything from protecting the integrity of your home, to preventing costly oil tank cleanup. This article is intended to help New Jersey residents make educated, informed choices when searching for oil tank companies in the Garden State.

Oil Tank Removal and Other Services

Any oil tank services provider in the state of New Jersey should offer a number of jobs with oil tank removal being the start service. Even if you have no intention to remove your oil tank, working with a company that offers this service means you are working with a skilled expert with the highest training in the industry, as oil tank removal is extremely challenging and requires various certifications.  Besides, who knows, you may decide to remove your oil tank if you decide to sell your home to increase its resale value!

The company should also offer oil tank sweep NJ services, oil tank repairs, soil remediation, environmental remediation, and oil tank detention year-around.

Certified Oil Tank Removal Services

Make sure the oil tank services are performed by a company that is certified, licensed and bonded. Not only do certified oil tank companies perform better work, but working with a licensed pro means you will get a higher quality of service. It also removed a lot of liability on your part in the event of something going wrong due to human error on the side of the oil tank removal company.

Make Sure the Oil Tank Services are Insured

As a homeowner you will absolutely want to make sure your oil tank services are performed by a company that’s insured, and that offers you maximum protection. A standard coverage level by a reputable oil tank company will offer up to five million dollars in coverage with additional coverage for properties that meet the criteria. This will protect your home from any damage, your land, or any fines you might incur from a leaking oil tank. The Federal and State government can fine homeowners for environmental damage caused by a leaking oil tank, and certain insurance policies issues prior to services can save you thousands of dollars.

Make Sure the Oil Tank Company Uses Reputable Technology

Some oil tank services are performed using 20 year-old equipment as a way to save a buck. Avoid these oil tank companies like the plague. Old oil tank detection equipment and repair tools are inferior and allow for error. Protect your property by working with a modern oil tank removal company that uses state-of-the-art equipment on every job.