4 Tips for Finding the Best Commercial Printing and Packaging Companies


Your company’s merchandising strategy has one primary goal: increase sales. In order to do this, brand managers need to partner with the best commercial printing companies that have the creative streak for designing packaging, using the right materials, and the right packaging construction all within budget. Here are four tips to help you find the absolute best commercial printing company to help market your products on the shelf.

1. They Offer a Variety of Packaging and Printing Solutions

One tell tale sign of a fantastic commercial printing company is their ability to offer a plethora of packaging solutions. More often than not a company will need multiple types of packaging to accommodate a range of products. This means a solid commercial packaging and printing company will have a variety of materials to contain your products. These include clam shells, folding cartons and rigid gift boxes, to name a few. Materials can range from plastic / PET, litholam courrgate, and high-quality paper bags. Being able to offer any type of packaging is critical because it means there are no limitations for how a product can be packaged.

2. Has the Best International Partnerships

Be sure to find a commercial printing and packaging company that has iron clad relationships with international partners. Many companies in this industry struggle to solidify ties with factories and suppliers in China. Thus is important because it cuts cost for B2B clientele. Companies like Global Printing and Packaging have spent many years cultivating relationships with the best factories in China that share the same values and hold true to the same high standards. Because of this costs are drastically cut so that partnering B2B customers can save thousands of dollars on their large printing and packaging orders.

3. Make Sure the Printing and Packaging Company Offers Creative Services

Finding a commercial printing and packaging company that has great international partnerships and multiple packaging solutions should be unconditional. So too should creative abilities. Product photography is a coveted service that requires specialized equipment and a skilled professional. Make sure your commercial printing and packaging company has a studio and a skilled crew capable of performing state-of-the-art product photography. You also need them to have a design team trained to take your brand and make it attractive to buyers with a creative design on the packaging.

4. Freighting, Logistics and Warehousing

Make sure your commercial printing and packaging company offers freighting, logistics and warehousing services. Having vendor freight and logistics support on a worldwide scale eliminates the delays and annoyance in dealing with overseas production and delivery. Look for a commercial printing company that has internal abilities so your packaging never leaves their network during the manufacturing process to FOB. Make sure you partner with a company that can even have you covered when it comes to LCL volumes. Don’t settle on a third-party handler of warehouse–look for a commercial packaging company that offers warehousing, freighting and logistics all within their network.