3 Compelling Reasons to Enter the Food Truck Business


The food truck business has been red hot over the past few years. Today’s divers on the go are self-proclaimed foodies; they aren’t looking for some typical “construction site lunch truck” but instead innovative, creative cuisine prepared by eager entrepreneur chefs that offer a new spin or interpretation of a classic favorite. If you are a creative individual with a talent and passion for cooking and you want to be your own boss, entering the food truck business as an operator / owner could be the most lucrative and rewarding thing you ever do in life. Here are three compelling reasons to consider this industry, as opposed to others.

Your Earning Potential is Great

If you decide on entering the food truck business, your earning potential (so long as you aren’t operating out in the middle of nowhere) is very high. In 2017 the average food truck in both a large metro and mid-size city market grossed $300K. This in of itself is a very healthy figure for a solo or twin-person operation. The only initial startup costs would be purchasing a custom food truck complete with equipment and your culinary supplies. Rather than paying a mortgage on a commercial piece of property while having to pay in additional annually, quarterly and monthly expenses which can drift up into millions of dollars, you are looking at a few hundred thousand dollars instead with only a few licensing and certificate fees. Your insurance will also be significantly cheaper, as will operating costs. Instead of a steep electricity bills and gas bills putting a dent in your wallet, you can power everything from a generator or propane unit in your food truck for a fraction of the cost.

You also stand to earn big bucks because food truck cuisine is priced the same as entrees at sit-down restaurants, sometimes they demand even higher prices. Today’s discerning eater doesn’t care to sit down in a noisy restaurant. They would rather be out on the town exploring the city’s most eccentric and creative food truck concoctions, and data shows they gladly pay the price for some unique eats. All in all, little startup costs plus a hot market, plus demanding pricing spells out a high earning potential.

You Like to be the Shot Caller

If you want to be your own boss and never have to answer to another person like a head chef or kitchen manager again, entering the food truck business would align with your professional ambitions. Let’s face it, when the same person who talks to his customers is the guy who also serves every meal and he is the man who cooked the food, a clear vision for creating something amazing is in action without any possibilities for communication being lost. Since you want to be your own boss and call the shots based on what your customers love, entering the food truck business is a no brainer.

You Hate Being Confined to a Single Area

One of the main reasons why cooks and chefs start their own food truck business is so they can serve their cuisine to different groups of people in multiple cities and neighborhoods. From surfers and skaters down by the beach to young business professionals downtown, being mobile means you can run your business in any market you like while enjoying the exhilarating thrill of mingling with cross sections of your hungry market. Many food truck owners report that being able to serve all walks of people makes their career truly uplifting and rewarding.